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Mini ice cream lights (4 colours available)


Adorable mini ice cream L.E.D night lights; perfect in a monochrome or pastle nursey or older child's bedroom (My 5 year old loves his).  Team them with our larger ice cream lights to make a great shelfie feature, or next to the bed and use as a reading lamp!
However you style it these mini silicone lights are guarenteed to bring a smile to your little ones face.

 We love this in a monochrome or pastels nursery, pop it on a shelf or use as a reading lamp at bed time. 
 Lovely in a kids room, perhaps by the bed as a reading light.  
 Great in any room of the house! We like it with a mini cactus and some picture frames to play with scale. 
 These not only make a perfect gift, they are also ideal for parties!


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